Internal Vacancy, Director of Ops.

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Internal Vacancy, Director of Ops.

Postby Crane, VJA0002 » Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:40 am

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Director of Operations

Position Description
ValuJet Virtual Airlines is seeking a highly qualified individual for a newly created position. The Director of Operations will be responsible for route planning, city pairing, basic demographic research on new markets, and any other operational duty as requested by the Operations department. This individual should be proficient in the English language, with the ability to read, speak, and write. This individual must be highly motivated, with the ability to self-assign tasks as necessary. Strong communication skills are also a requirement of the position, with the ability to draft reports and memos. This position reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer. Specific responsibilities and requirements may be found below.

Specific Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- Develop realistic city pairs to generate maximum “profit”
- Communicate with members about destination requests/inquiries
- Develop & maintain airport gate assignments for existing and future VVA destinations
- Assist the COO with the development of VVA’s growing route structure & timetable
- Work within PHPVMS software to integrate and maintain VVA flight schedules

- Read, speak, and write English
- Be a member of ValuJet Virtual Airlines, in good standing
- Be able to commit time each week to completing tasks
- Be familiar with VVA’s current route structure and timetable
- Ability to conduct basic demographic studies (or at least be willing to learn)
- Prior experience with PHPVMS software preferred
- Prior Virtual Airline management experience preferred

If interested, please email b [dot] reeves { at } with a brief description (or resume) of your experience.

Open until filled.

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